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The COVID-19 Pro Bono Collaborative, a growing network of trusted top-tier law firms, corporations and other legal service providers across the country, is providing a highly coordinated, emergency response to help small businesses and nonprofit organizations survive the economic impact of COVID-19.

Please complete this form to request a COVID-19 Consultation with a volunteer attorney or financial professional. These consultations will be conducted via phone or video. Initial consultations will generally last 1 hour.

Upon completing this form, you will shortly receive an email detailing the specifics of your volunteers and their availability to assist you. Your volunteers will be in touch with you directly through the email reference indicated in this form to schedule your appointment. It is imperative that you check your email regularly to see any updates regarding your submission and volunteer status.

All of the assistance we offer is free, as there are many lawyers and financial professionals who just want to help during the crisis. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at We are working to respond as quickly as possible!

Note: Please be aware that submissions outside of our targeted areas may have a longer waiting time to secure volunteers, or may not be served, depending on the specific request(s). Our current target areas as of August 2021 include:

  • New York

  • Pennsylvania

  • District of Columbia

  • Virginia

  • Maryland

  • California

Personal Information

The email address you provide below will be your primary line of communication between your volunteers and Start Small Think Big. Please list an email that is personally accessible as the owner of your business. (Example: please do not list


General Business Information

Enter N/A if no business name.

PROFESSIONAL FinanciaL Assistance Request

Professional Legal Assistance Request

The following questions will help us determine where we may be able to match you with a lawyer or legal professional from top law firms and institutions who will work to assist you with the issues you note below. 

Please be aware that unfortunately, Start Small and the RRP cannot assist with litigation matters.

We will attempt to assist with any requests, but it's unlikely that we will be able to promptly provide service for matters falling outside the categories listed above, and we will not be able to assist with matters involving active litigation or court cases.

Business Details

Please provide answers to the following questions. This section is essential as it will provide volunteers the needed context to better assist you.

Note: Please be aware that submissions outside of our targeted areas may have a longer waiting time to secure volunteers, or may not be served, depending on the specific request(s). Our current target areas as of August 2020 include: New York, Pennsylvania, District of Columbia, Virginia, Maryland, and California

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Thank you for participating in the “COVID-19 Relief for Small Businesses” consultation program (the “Program”) organized by Start Small Think Big (“SSTB”), a not-for-profit organization, in collaboration with multiple private law firms, companies, nonprofits, law schools, and other organizations (collectively, the “Partners”). The attorneys and financial professionals assisting with the Program (the “Volunteers”) are volunteering their time to SSTB.

This is an Acknowledgment among the Partners, the Volunteers and you. It contains the basic terms of this project to provide you with limited legal and/or financial advice and assistance so that you can better address your problem.

Scope of Advice: The Partners and the Volunteers are providing short-term limited legal services and/or general financial information/guidance to you. The Partners and the Volunteers are not representing you in any capacity outside of the time spent in your limited scope meeting. What they will do is provide you with assistance, general guidance and/or legal advice only with respect to issues related to your small business and the COVID-19 pandemic based on the information that you give to us.

Duration of Help: This arrangement to assist you will begin at the start of your scheduled consultation and will end immediately upon completion of your consultation. These meetings generally last one hour and may not cover all your needs within one session. If needed, a follow up meeting will be indicated by your volunteer or you can reach out to if you feel as though your needs were not fully met in the time allotted. Unless agreed upon in writing, neither the Partners nor the Volunteers will help you in any capacity after the completion of your consultation, unless otherwise separately agreed. 

Declining to Advise: The Partners or the Volunteers may decline to advise you:

  1. if the Partners or the Volunteers have a conflict of interest – for example, if a Partner has already advised or provided legal representation to an opposing party in a case involving you, then that Partner has a legal conflict of interest, and cannot provide you with legal advice during your scheduled consultation or otherwise;
  2. if your legal problems are more complicated than the typical legal problems that we can handle responsibly within the scope of the Consultation; or
  3. for any other reason set forth in the New York Rules of Professional Conduct.

As the situation develops we are working with partners to attempt to serve needs identified in this form. By completing this form you acknowledge that completion of this form does not guarantee any form of service and that you may only be contacted once a match has been found. Please feel free to reach out at if you have questions and we will attempt to respond as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience during this crisis.

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